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Work with Geoff- Now accepting Bitcoin!

Work with Geoff- Now accepting Bitcoin!

Work with Geoff- Now accepting Bitcoin!


Perhaps based on most of my experience coming from real life as opposed to a classroom, I view and practice "coaching" differently than most. It's also based on what I know I needed when I was struggling to make changes. I can now look back with a clear mind and understand what would have helped me most. And I've spent hundreds of hours as a client of various therapists, counsellors, and coaches.

I approach it in a much more simple and direct way; I believe a life coach to be far closer to a traditional athletic coach as opposed to the jargon filled, confusing “models” that the industry is seemingly embracing. I have no time for bullshit, and neither should you.

To me, a coach is someone who has been through the battles, has a passion for helping others, and keeps you accountable and on track. No “wellness wheels”, quasi neurolinguistic programming, or rigid and confusing “models” of coaching. No easy advice from people who have never really struggled in life. We identify goals, identify barriers, and get to work.

Like a coach running up and down with you on the sidelines, by your side for the wins and the losses, I hold you accountable to the goals you’ve established. Pumping you up and reminding you of past victories when you’re down, and getting in your face when you’re not putting out, or getting sidetracked.

We can play the long game or the short; smaller, simpler goals like losing a few pounds or quitting a bad habit, or tackle huge, long term goals like lasting happiness or radical lifestyle changes.

Either way, I will be there with you until the end. It took me five years to go from zero to hero. My life changed in ways I never thought possible; I want to help you do the same, but a lot quicker. I take the victories and defeats of clients personally. And I promise you nothing other than trust, accountability, constant support, and an absolute refusal to let you sell yourself short. Nothing else matters.

Let’s get to work.

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.”

-Vince Lombardi

For more background on how my rates are established, please refer to the FAQ page.

I'm able to offer a sliding scale to a small percentage of clients who are struggling financially, let us know your situation and we may able to work something out.

All packages include one 45 minute session per week, every week and text/email support.

Although at least 3 months is ideal for most situations, the smaller commitment of a single month often works well as a "test" phase for a longer commitment or to tackle smaller goals or problems.