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Complex answers for simple problems [BLOG+VIDEO]

Complex answers for simple problems [BLOG+VIDEO]

Complex answers for simple problems

"Occam's razor is the problem-solving principle that the simplest solution tends to be the correct one."

Many people these days are suffering from "paralyzation by analyzation" when it comes to fitness or diet.

It's that ever present paradox we face in 2018; we have access to staggering amounts of information for all aspects of life, yet the reality that so many sources contradict each other, or seem like the "right" way causes us to freeze up- unable to choose between what seems like hundreds of fitness or diet options that all claim, or seem to be the most effective.

Our progress is delayed or we're constantly changing up techniques or philosophies as the newest scientific breakthrough or fad comes across our screens.

The reality is that unless you're a pro athlete or at an extreme level of fitness,  the effectiveness of any diet or fitness program largely rests on your own ability to execute!

Occam's razor applies

You are overweight. Out of shape. You have tried "everything". I have been there before! Presented with a problem, and armed with high speed internet and thus access to an overwhelming amount of information, we start looking for solutions.

And what are the first answers we see? Whoever has spent enough money to get their message across. And because they spent a lot of money, they need to sell an answer that costs a lot of money.

The "answers" that sell best and make the most money are generally ones that are:

1) Complicated (you'll need their help to figure it out)

2) Expensive ("you get what you pay for!")

And most crucially- 3) the answers have nothing to do with personal responsibility.

It is always the fault of dairy, grains, vague "allergies" or sugar. Your fitness goals weren't achieved because of some incredible scientific insight you didn't know about.

So if you're out of shape scrambling around reading about how you have to work out in the morning and take branched chain amino acids within ten minutes so that your hormone levels don't spike your insulin and thus interfere with you taking your cranberry extract you take before bed and that's why you can't lose weight, consider an alternative. I'm obviously being dramatic, but you do hear people chalking up problems to ridiculous causes all the time. The alternative:

You are eating too much, and not working out enough.

The hard truth

This is the conclusion that saved me from a lifetime of wasted time and money on solutions that don't work. I spent days thrashing around on the web trying to come up with a complicated answer to a simple problem, and there's more than a few people happy to indulge you and line their pockets.

There's nothing genetically wrong with you. You are not "sensitive" to certain foods. You do not have a good or bad metabolism or some sort of "imbalance". You need to get out and kick some fucking ass, or spend the rest of your life at the mercy of the latest fad diet or junk science being peddled. And yes, I'm aware there are real sensitivities or imbalances. But for the overwhelming majority of us, this stuff is all just excuses and marketing vomit. 

Remember that simplicity and self responsibility don't sell well. Make a switch, and just assume every diet or fitness problem you have is directly related to a lack of discipline- it's not always going to be true, but it will assure that you're leaving no stone of potential uncovered and that you're always maxing out your own effort. 

If you take that to heart, I guarantee the frequency of your workouts will increase and you'll make better food choices.

Be an adult, and take responsibility for your actions. Every minute you spend trying to find an external reason for your failures might be another step away from the truth!

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