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The often overlooked basics of how to burn fat [BLOG]

The often overlooked basics of how to burn fat [BLOG]

The often overlooked basics of how to burn fat

 Whether in Vancouver or elsewhere, a fitness and lifestyle coach will have plenty of conversations about how to burn fat or tone up. We all have access to so much information that we sometimes miss simple answers that are right in front of us.


How to burn fat? Back to basics!

There are no stunning insights here. But sometimes we get so blinded by the shiny lights of marketing and forget about the basics.

We also see soooo many charismatic people who have an almost religious dedication to their own techniques that it can get confusing.

I always remind people that the simplest (and usually boring) answers are often the most relevant.

For most people that struggle to burn fat, its usually related to:

-Not counting calories

-Inaccurately counting calories burned or consumed

-Improper balance of carbs/fat/protein

Fat burn tips

It is possible you're dealing with some sort of specific medical issue. But in most cases, it's simple math at play.

If you’re not counting calories, it’s impossible to know what you’re taking in. Many people are counting, but are over or underestimating portions. Sometimes we forget things. Other times we don’t have an accurate picture of how many calories we’re burning in a day. Diets that are imbalanced and are low in one of carbs, fat or protein will also cause problems

So what to do?

If you're not already, start using one of the many calorie counters available online. As much as possible, try and eat the same things everyday; once you know the numbers for them, it will make counting in your head easier.

When it comes to calories burned, use a online calculator to get a rough estimate- just keep in mind that you burn calories without working out, meaning if you’re working off a daily total of 2000, you need to subtract what you would have burned anyways from you estimated total from working out.

Don’t get carried away with low fat/low carb diets. For example, some people end up spilling over from overeating protein or fats when on low carb diets. Try and go for 40-30-30 with protein-fat-carbs.

And remember that burning fat is a slow process, don’t get frustrated early on thinking that you’re still spilling over on calories. You may be gaining muscle or retaining water without realizing you’re actually losing fat. Be careful with that scale early on.

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