How to make more time in your day [BLOG]

How to make more time in your day

Despite being surrounded by new technology that's supposed to make our lives easier, most of us feel like we need to make more time in the day.

As a fitness and lifestyle coach in Vancouver and online, lack of time is by far the most commonly used excuse to delay progress I hear.

There are some practical things you can do, but our attitudes also play a role in how "busy" we make ourselves or perceive ourselves to be.

Make more time- the practical stuff

Get creative, and always be looking for areas where you can shave off a few minutes. An extra hour in the day can make all the difference! Here's a few tips to make more time in the day:

- If you work 9-5, ALWAYS use Sunday to prepare food for the week. Last minute scrambles to grab something or make something off the top of your head every night after work is a drain (and leads to poor food choices). Load up on tupperware and try and have your 5 dinners ready to go, in advance.

- Do not leave any task for "later", even if you think you'll have more than enough time based on your schedule. Nothing is going to become easier by leaving it for a day, and as soon as your schedule changes you won't have the time to get it done, now falling behind as tasks compound. Get out in front of everything, right away.

- Go through your phone, and unsubscribe/delete/unfollow every possible thing you can. The average professional receives something like 80 emails per day. Do you really need to be a part of 10-15 Whatsapp groups?

- Dating apps can be fun, but are a massive drain on time. It takes hours to grind through hundreds of potential matches. Consider focusing your efforts on being more proactive with dating IRL, or if you're really busy and need to focus, being single for a while is not going to kill you. 

- Learn how to say "no". It's good to be a "yes" person, but many take it too far and end up chronically making commitments they can't keep. When you say yes to too many things, all you're doing is shortchanging the people in your life, and yourself by jamming the entire week.  

What really might be going on

Being busy has almost become a religion. We're under such pressure to prove to everyone how busy we are that we sometimes start believing our own projection.

Often, we actually just don't want to admit we have free time. Doing so would be an admission that you could be doing more. By saying we need to make more time in the day, it serves as a nice little block to taking on anything more.

Take a good hard look in the mirror and ask yourself- Am I busy, or am I productive? Only the latter counts. 

Many people I deal with are so "busy" they can't keep simple appointments and sound almost out of breath when I finally talk to them. Yet they actually produce very little in terms of tangible results over the course of a week. They've so deeply internalized the idea of themselves as a busy person that they don't realize they're not actually that busy. Get a pen and paper, start actually crunching the numbers, and you might be spending far more time watching Netflix or texting than you thought.

It's a tough thing to admit to ourselves but here's a good test- if me suggesting you actually do have more time than you say pissed you off, probably a good indicator this is what's happening. You have 112 waking hours per week. Think about it.

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