How to have more time? Spend your money on time- not on objects [BLOG+VIDEO]

How to have more time? Spend your money on time-not on objects     

     One of the most valuable resources in the world is not owned by anyone. 

Unlike a BMW or a pair of Nike shoes, there's no one spending billions of dollars to constantly remind us of how precious and important time really is. The irony is that so many people complain about not knowing how to have more time but could have way more if they didn't spend so much on things like Nikes or BMW's!

You have to start directly associating the things you are buying with the constant time crunch you're feeling. These external sources of prestige or comfort are causing you to engage in a lifestyle that ensures you're always feeling like you don't have enough time in the day.

You'll always be needing bigger and better items, thus you'll always be jamming in more or harder work in order to feed the beast. If you want to have more time, get the beast under control!

Examine why you do what you do and what it's costing you

What's driving you? It's a core aspect of any work I do as a coach- without at least a basic understanding, you'll continue to repeat the same patterns.

The drive to acquire objects is ego driven and only serves to try and impress upon the world how worthy and successful we are. Overcoming that urge is a bigger topic, but for now, just reminding ourselves of that on a daily basis can serve as a foundation for change.

Start thinking about how choosing or continuing in a career purely based on money can cost you time- both physically and the inevitable time or "rent" the job takes in your head during off hours. You must directly associate cars, houses and clothes with the following:

  • Missing out on time with your children, especially the first 10-12 years. There is a depressing irony in people working themselves into the ground so that their kids can have boxes full of toys and the latest and best playhouse, or attend a better college. They don't need more toys, they need you- and they need you at your best. 
  • Social isolation. What's the point of your fancy cars and penthouse if you've lost touch with all the friends you grew up with? Relationships take work to keep up after 25 or so and if you work some soul sucking job that takes up all your time, you're probably going to wake up at 40 and realize you only have a water view to comfort you. That water view might be costing you very valuable, lifelong connections. 
  • Not being able to work on yourself. Some have fantastic parents, get a few good bounces and get to enjoy life without a big need for self improvement. For the rest of us, well, it can be a process to put it gently. It takes a lot of time in most cases and is not always feasible to be done on the fly while maintaining a high paying career. The need to have a brand new kitchen or a $7 Starbucks every day might actually be preventing you from having the time to learn how to truly enjoy them!

Empty the cup, evaluate and refill

Take action. Sell your car. Stop going to Starbucks. Sell your house or get a smaller place if you rent. If you need 4-6 "vacations" every year, ask yourself if your current career choice is even worth it.

And that's the big item for potential action- your career. Learn how to cultivate more self confidence and a greater sense of self worth (again, a bigger topic) and you'll begin to understand that the important people in your life aren't going to think any less of you if you quit a high paying career to do something more fulfilling.

You'll feel pressure lift as you start to drop these weights of your shoulders, and you'll get a better idea of how much you actually need to earn to get what you need out of life. You might be surprised at how little it is!

Once you've "emptied the cup", you can start to fill it back up with things that make you happy. Or leave it empty for a while- if you can afford it, a year or two to really work on yourself and carve a new path is an incredible luxury.

If you want to have more time, understand that the real luxury is time itself- not heated leather seats, stainless steel fridges or fancy labels. Spend wisely.


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