How to have "cheat" meals every day [BLOG+VIDEO]

How to have "cheat" meals every day

I do not prescribe to the theory that in order to attain excellent health and fitness, we must spend our lives eating brown rice, chicken and broccoli with brief chances to really enjoy food.

It pains me to see people struggling taking on overly ambitious diets that strip away what seems like 90% of the foods most of us grew up enjoying- and when reality sets in, swing too hard back in the other direction and end up worse off than before.

As we get older, we of course cannot just eat what we want and expect things to work out. But with some small sacrifices, tweaks and relatively high energy output, we can get away with far more than we realize!

Let's get real

I guess The Rock's massive sushi cheat trays look cool, but I'd rather some sushi every day. Or something like it; and for most people I find it's unrealistic and unnecessary to be so restrictive. A lot of people have tough lives, with not a lot to look forward to on the average weekday and I believe diets that attempt to utilize cheat meals are usually counter productive and rarely stick.

Here's a few tips to try and incorporate your favorite foods into your everyday diet:

  • Instead of sacrificing entire days, "sacrifice" at least 2 meals in the sense that you make zero attempt to come up with something that tastes good. At least 2 that are completely dedicated to perfect nutrition and dietary efficiency. 
  • You're going to need to keep your activity levels high. Ideally, try and burn at least 500 extra calories, 4-6 times per week. The more the better. This is not just about making room for food- I've been studying this extensively and I've come to the conclusion that exercise is good for you!
  • You need to say goodbye to the absolute worst offenders- candy, soda and chips being the godfathers of absolute shit. Ice cream is going to be a stretch. Aside from making you swim for 2 hours every morning, I can't help you with this stuff. Sacrifices, yo.
  • For me, the most important one- make your own food! I cannot stress this enough. Whether it's burgers, pizza, baked goods, whatever, you have to learn how to make this stuff on your own. Weight loss is not always simply about calories, and consuming "single ingredient" foods as opposed to highly processed stuff is invariably linked to better health outcomes. I can eat almost a dozen homemade cookies and wake up the next day feeling fine, but the same amount from a box or Subway and I feel like I was out drinking the night before.

Bon appetit

For most of us food is one of the great joys of life. Sometimes, we go too far, but it also doesn't mean we should completely cut this natural pleasure out from our lives. But we do have to work for it a bit, especially as we get older.

If we're willing to cut out the most outrageous junk food, keep moving and make some effort in the kitchen, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to have at least one meal a day you truly enjoy without worrying about carbs, calories or how it would look on Instagram. 

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