Five ways to enjoy the food you love without getting fat [BLOG]

Five ways to enjoy the food you love without getting fat

The concept of eating a completely clean, calorie appropriate diet is a bit of a stretch for most of us.

Some of us haven't cultivated the required willpower, or simply enjoy eating certain foods too much to really care about the consequences.

But often there's a bit of middle ground; you may be able to still enjoy the foods you love without putting on weight. You might even lose some! 

Get creative and make room for the food you love

  • Work out more. Well, duh. But so many people are only putting out a fraction of their potential output in terms of exercising. You have more reserve energy than you realize. Look at ways to inject more intense cardio into your day and you'll have more flexibility with what you eat.
  • Make your own "junk food". If you must indulge in things like cookies, burgers, pies, etc, there is a massive difference between what you buy and what you make. If you make your own stuff, there will be significantly less sodium, sugar and preservatives. Set a rule that you can only eat "junk" that you make, ensuring that you really want it considering the effort required. 
  • Consider fasting in the day. Have you ever been able to stop eating at night? It sucks, and I consider it unrealistic or a waste of time for many. Look into intermittent fasting- if you've been struggling with eating at night for your entire life, it might be time to embrace it. When you're not grazing for 12 hours before you even get home, you have way more calories to play with at dinner. 
  • Keep only the best stuff. Whether it's pizza, baked goods or something else, we all have one or two "bad" foods we absolutely love. Life is short so enjoy! But as you get older, you have to make some cuts. Pick a couple things you enjoy, but make sure you're eliminating any other crap you're eating out of habit or convenience. You need to save calories for the important stuff.
  • Avoid the worst garbage foods. Similar to the last point, but avoid the worst of the worst. Things like pizza or say cookies and milk are not ideal. But when you crunch the numbers or "macros" in terms of carbs/fat/protein, at least we're getting some nutrition albeit with bunch of unnecessary extras. With things like chips, chocolate bars or candy, it is absolute garbage that doesn't provide a single benefit to your body. Cut out the worst stuff and you'll have more room for less offensive "junk food".

What's it worth to you?

It's hard as we get older, but with some creativity and dedication in other areas, we can continue to enjoy the foods you love. Like anything in life, it's often just a case of compromise. 

We're given about 25 years where we can eat almost anything. After that, it's up to you. Decide how much certain foods mean to you, and if it's worth it- take massive action to make them a part of a healthy life.

There are no rules!


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