Exercise the "discipline muscle" every day! [VIDEO]

Exercise the "discipline muscle" every day!

A strong sense of self discipline is something that comes naturally to some, but for the rest of us, we struggle to get over the top and just do it when trying to make big changes.

It can suck when that's our default reaction to something we don't want to do but know would be good for us, but we often fail to make the connection between failing to break through and the many smaller decisions we make.

All day long, we have opportunities to exercise the response we have- like "fight or flight", we can condition ourselves to have a different response by being disciplined with seemingly insignificant things like making the bed or returning an email.

They may seem pointless, but we can carve out different pathways in our brain by just doing them without thinking. When it comes time for the big stuff, you'll have a better chance of doing the same!

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