Enough with the supplements [BLOG+VIDEO]

Enough with the supplements

As of 2016, Americans alone spent $30 billion on supplements and I'm sure the number rises every year. 

You can't go a day without reading an article or having someone you know tell you about the amazing new supplement they're taking- and how you have to start taking it.

Not all supplements are equal. There are a handful with at least some generally accepted benefits, while most others are complete nonsense and a waste of money.

We often fall into the supplement "trap" by trying to make it feel like we're doing more about health and fitness than we really are; we can feel better about bad food choices or not putting out at the gym by popping pills that promise fat loss or increased energy.

Why we love supplements so much

Unless you've had a nutritionist or doctor diagnose you with a legitimate deficiency, everything you need to be at peak physical condition is available at the grocery store. Especially these days- think of what an amazing selection of food we have available to us from across the globe compared to 40 or 50 years ago!

But as our access to food has improved, our appetite for supplements has been paradoxically increasing. On an anecdotal/individual level, I can see a few reasons for this:

  • We are becoming softer and lazier, and are increasingly looking for shortcuts
  • For those who do work out, simply being in shape or eating right isn't enough, they need to show that they're "striving to be better" or doing more than other fit people
  • Powerful, ingenious marketing of increasing effectiveness that plays on our most basic needs and cognitive biases
  • Massive amounts of misinformation and junk science diets available online  causing people to develop unnecessary deficiencies 
  • The disturbing, yet ever popular concept that you can spend your way out of your problems

The hard truth

Long story short, the problems you're having with energy, weight gain or concentration are almost certainly linked to a lack of sleep or a nutritional deficit you haven't addressed.

I know it sucks. I know you desperately wish you could solve these problems by just finding the right extract or "medical grade" product without making major changes to your lifestyle. But if you don't address these things, you'll forever be at the mercy of whatever company gets their product on the first page of Google. They don't always have your best interests in mind, and you're just delaying the inevitable realization that you're never going to feel good if you keep doing the things you're doing.

Sleep is a fucking priority. Period. Getting the right amount of fat, protein and carbs is non negotiable. Don't eat any vegetables, and you're almost guaranteed to feel like shit.

We all have to make choices in life and if you want to run a business and have five kids and go out on the weekends, getting enough sleep or eating right just might not be in the cards. Be realistic about what you can actually pull off. There's no real shame in being a bit overweight or having bags under your eyes. But just don't fall into the trap of thinking that some supplement is going to make things better.

The vast majority of studies on the most popular supplements show that you're just flushing expensive pee down the toilet. Your money would be better spent on finding ways to have more time and energy to work on the things like sleep, proper nutrition and exercise that will actually deliver on the often ridiculous claims we see on the first page of Google.

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