Don't let the "story" of your life lead you astray [VIDEO]

Don't let the "story" of your life lead you astray

Most of us have some sort of story or narrative kicking around in our head based on our past. Who we are, what we're capable of, but the problem is that this story is often just that- a story.

It's not necessarily a true representation and thinking of ourselves as a lazy or bad person may just be how we've chosen to view things. It preys on our subconscious, whispering that we can't do things because it doesn't fit our character's role in the play of life.

These stories can also bite us in the ass when we're successful and start blindly assuming we're a nice or happy person, setting us up for a fall when we can't see clearly what our actions are actually adding up to.

Always challenge your loaded conceptions of yourself and don't be afraid to write a new story about who you are!

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