Can you be happy and successful? Only if you're playing the right game! [BLOG+VIDEO]

Can you be happy and successful? Only if you're playing the right game!

The stereotype of the highly successful yet miserable person is well known. In fact, without realizing it, many of us sabotage our own success partly out of negative associations with success. We fear that it will somehow cause us to be stressed out, morally bankrupt or less worthy of love from less successful family and friends.

These are all real fears; a relentless pursuit of the ideal of "success" born out of ego, advertising and celebrity worship will almost certainly result in those sorts of outcomes.

It comes naturally to some, but many of us need to reframe everything and understand that we're playing the wrong "game", preventing us from ever being happy and successful at the same time!

You're playing against yourself, not against others

Simply put, success is maximizing your potential in this gift of life. Period.

Your standing and achievements measured against the rest of the world are meaningless, and if you continue to link your happiness with them, you will never find peace. 

All you can do is put out your absolute best every day. The results are inarguably tied to all sorts of factors outside of your control. Despite what marketing and idealism have told us, the results of our efforts are bound to what really amounts to a form of luck. You can only control your effort. What that adds up to, is determined by things like:

  • Where and when you were born, and to whom. If Bill Gates had been born to poor alcoholics in the 1840's, he'd probably have been a nameless Union soldier living out a short, brutish existence.
  • Genetic factors. Someone born with a significant cognitive disability will bluntly never be able to reach the level of success that a person with an IQ of 150 could achieve. We all fall somewhere on that scale, mentally and physically.
  • Pure luck. Car accidents, cancer and a million other random events can hold us back. For every Jeff Bezos, there's a hundred more we'll never know about who worked just as hard, were just as smart, but something held them down the ladder along the way.

Just do your best- and you might win at both games!

But here's the crucial point- Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates might be lucky in a sense, but I guarantee they maximized every ounce of potential they had. 

The secret is to let go of results and only focus on doing everything you can. Only then can you be happy and successful. Because in reality, the odds of you actually "winning" in terms of results are extremely low, depending on your standards. It's a black hole that currently needs around $120 billion USD to fill. And rising.

Never beat yourself up about results, but never let yourself off the hook either. Recognize that you may have a ceiling, but relentlessly pursue it. Only then can you truly tap your potential, and be happy! Otherwise, what's the point?

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