A good life is like a good meal- your "spice rack" must be full! [BLOG+VIDEO]

A good life is like a good meal- your "spice rack" must be full! 

Think of the elements that go into preparing a great meal. You will need knowledge, preparation, and you have to execute when the time comes to cook everything up. You'll also need the correct ingredients.

But have you ever gotten inspired to make something, only to realize you're missing a crucial ingredient? We've all done it; sometimes we bite the bullet and go get whatever we need, but often we'll simply give up or forget about it because of the added effort required.

And sometimes, we don't have enough time to run to the store and acquire the necessary elements for success. This is like success in life; we don't always know the challenges or "meals" that might pop into our heads, so the best route is to ensure that your mental and physical "spice rack" is always full!

Fill your cupboard

Think of it this way- for every spice or ingredient you put in your cupboard, you've exponentially increased the number of meals you are prepared for and can pull off successfully.

You might not think you need brown sugar anymore, but after 4 hours on YouTube (ideally while at work or when you should be sleeping), you're inspired to make an apple crumble, which you now can because brown sugar is in your cupboard.

It's the same with life. Maybe instead of food, you were watching videos of trail runners or people salsa dancing. If you're out of shape, you lack the necessary ingredients to go out tomorrow and enjoy those "meals". Perhaps you've been playing with the idea of going back to school while continuing to work full time or becoming nurse or doctor. Ambitious meals to be sure, but if your spice rack isn't filled with coping and stress reduction techniques, you don't have a chance.

Like salt or pepper, there are some ingredients that should be in every cupboard and will open up all sorts of possibilities you haven't thought of. Being in shape and having an effective diet are the s&p that will help with almost everything. A few more:

  • Meditation, or some sort of mental release to deal with stress
  • Every book you read can add to your mental spice rack. You can pick up all sorts of insights and techniques to help you deal with everything from relationships to organizing your closet
  • Think about things like a course on public speaking. Might seem useless if you're working as an accountant, but it could help with all sorts of different "meals" that you haven't even thought of yet.

The perceived uselessness of an accountant learning public speaking illustrates another key point....

Options can inspire you

New ideas about where you want to go in life will come up on their own and as discussed, if your rack is full, it will set you up for success. But simply having the right ingredients will inspire you!

If you had a fantastic body, you wouldn't want it to go to waste. It will make you think about fun and rewarding ways to use it. If you've cultivated a rock solid base of well being and mental health, it will inspire you to take on increasingly greater challenges, because you know you can handle the stress. 

It's just like two hungry people scanning the fridge and cupboards when they're hungry. The one with all sorts of ingredients will be able to make whatever they want and more importantly- the options themselves might make them think of a possibility they never even considered before and they might even create something they love and have never had before. The other person- probably off to Subway or McDonalds. 

Life is short, so make sure to stock your mind and body with as many ingredients as possible- or you'll end up dining at the "McDonalds" of life for the rest of your days!

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