5 tips on how to deal with depression in the digital age [BLOG]

5 tips on how to deal with depression in the digital age


We're surrounded by so much enticing entertainment and information options that seemingly make our lives better.

But in many ways, they just make it harder to deal with depression. How these things affect us are sometimes subtle and we have to find a way to enjoy them without getting in the way of our happiness! 

Sometimes the ways we can do this are obvious and we just need reminders, but remember that beating depression is a full time job! You have to look for answers everywhere.

Think about how what you see affects your happiness

  • Avoid advertising. Ask anyone if advertising "works" on them, and almost everyone says it doesn't. Yet corporations spend billions every week putting this stuff in your face. That should scare the shit out of you. Advertising is working on you on a much more subtle level, reinforcing that you're not quite complete and you need something else in your life. Get an adblocker. Bite the bullet on subscription fees and stay away from regular TV/Radio.
  • Don't consume so much violent media. I've made this point elsewhere before, and I'll keep bringing it up because it applies to so many problems. If you're watching movies or playing vids where someone is being shot to death every 30 seconds, it's not going to help. Similar to the way advertising works on a subtle level, this shit is going to mess you up. Try and stick to comedies, sports games, etc.
  • Stay away from the comments section. I cannot emphasize this enough. The reasons are for another blog, but basically every comment section has become a cesspool of hatred, intolerance, ignorance and is a totally skewed version of how people actually act IRL. It's depressing in and of itself, but try and focus on interacting with people outside. They're a lot nicer!
  • Be careful with online dating. It's far more "normal" than it used to be, and there's lots of success stories. But it can be a soul destroying experience for some, depending on expectations. Make every effort to make connections offline. Check this article- https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca/blog/the-mating-game/201609/the-ugly-truth-about-online-dating
  • Use a timer. Kind of a weird one, but it's soooo easy to lose hours on YouTube or playing vids. Things like these aren't necessarily bad in moderation, but long sessions can cause a spiral of neglected responsibilities that snowball into feeling bad about yourself. Use the timer on your phone to break things up and get some laundry done.

Make good habits now

Don't forget that all this stuff is going to increase in intensity going forward. If you're prone to depression, you need to start developing healthy habits surrounding your consumption of digital media.

The ultimate tip on how to deal with depression is to never give up- and to never stop seeking out ways to increase your happiness and peace of mind. Apply these principles to the web, and you'll be solid as we go further down this crazy road of technology!

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