5 easy ways to get through the winter and get stronger [BLOG]

5 easy ways to get through the winter and get stronger!

We've experienced quite a sudden flip from summer here in Vancouver!

Whether you're in vancity or elsewhere, the switch can leave a lot of us feeling a little down, as if the fun ended too quickly! The experience of "winter depression" can really suck for those who are prone to it.

It's no surprise that coaches, therapists and trainers start seeing a spike in demand once summer is over. Here's a few fairly obvious reminders to help you use the bad weather as an opportunity and shift your attitude a bit.

Get through the winter by attacking it

Sometimes we're dealing with legit seasonal or winter depression. But too often we just forget some basics for feeling better in the winter.

1. Get outside. No revelation here, and I'm sure you've heard it before. Umbrellas are cheap! I also absolutely love getting to enjoy things that are packed in the summer; having Stanley Park or English Bay to yourself is pretty cool! Try taking up a winter sport if you don't already.

2. Work your ass off. What's your excuse? You can't skip out on stuff in the summer because it's "too nice out", and then complain you have nothing to do in the winter. Your biggest pushes with physical fitness or big projects should always be saved for the darker months.

3. Get up earlier, and use it as on opportunity to reset your wake up times. Lots of people want to get up earlier, and during winter it's crucial to take advantage of every minute of daylight. Make sure you're up before sunrise all winter and cement it as a new lifestyle going forward.

4. Use it as an opportunity to reset your diet. Aside from December, social obligations where it can be tough to control diet slow to a crawl from September all the way to May. It's a great chance to get in the habit of eating healthier because of the repetition- you're not constantly being bombarded with weddings and holidays that make it hard to control your diet.

5. Use it to take a break from drinking. Take out Halloween and the month of December, and you could probably go from Labor day weekend to May long weekend without finding a good reason to get shitfaced (aside from the endless stream of birthdays). Give your liver some time to recover and keep the boozing to a minimum, or as a chance to stop altogether.

Bad weather? Good!

The darker months challenge us with shorter days, worse weather and fewer social engagements. But like any challenge in life, it's simply an opportunity to get stronger and catch up on things. Unless you live in a hot environment, you're going to have to deal with this every year anyways. Accept the challenge and dive in head first!

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