One of a kind, judgment free coaching for cannabis users of all ages

I love life! But it wasn't always this way...

I spent my 20s chronically depressed, with constant thoughts of suicide, and had a couple of semi-serious attempts already under my belt. I rarely left my house, hadn’t been on a date in years, and could only handle working 5-10 hours a week, at best.

One afternoon, I was hit with a sudden feeling that I was responsible for changing my own life, and from that moment, I began putting my life back together, one piece at a time. Along the way, I learned that cannabis, wasn't the cause of my problems, it was helping me with them.


What is High Potential?

Work with Geoff

Perhaps based on most of my experience coming from real life as opposed to a classroom, I view and practice coaching differently than most.

I approach coaching in a much more simple and direct way; I believe a life coach to be far closer to a traditional athletic coach as opposed to the jargon filled, confusing “models” that the coaching industry is seemingly embracing.

I promise you nothing other than trust, accountability, constant support, and an absolute refusal to let you sell yourself short. Nothing else matters.

Smoking Weed Can Save Your Life

Whether you've got stress, pain, or unhappiness, smoking weed can save your life. 

I wrote this controversial eBook not because I want everyone in the world to start getting high, but because millions of people are drowning in depression, isolation and illness, all while an alternative exists.

When you buy my book, you'll learn how to integrate cannabis into a new life of health and happiness.